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A comprehensive introductory guide for kids to gardening and real-life learning.


Packed with key information, illustrations, and outdoor activities that will get them engaged, exploring, and reflecting as this exciting book takes them on an exciting journey . What they learn in the garden will develop skills preparing them to face challenges and problems they face in the real world.


This 282 page Yearly Workbook includes Spring, Summer, Autumn/Fall and Winter seasons, and packed with lessons and activities suitable for each season. Kids with different experience levels can be guided by adults and will enjoy these engaging activities.


Explore the key fundamentals on how to select, arrange and cultivate a plot of land with shrubs, flowers, and vegetables to be used for recreation, as just a display, or for growing food.Most important, lessons learned in the garden are about growing as people, learning responsibility, flexibility, perseverance, gaining problem-solving skills, and looking at the world differently.


Discover the incredible world created in our gardens from what plants need to grow to how we plan and prepare for the different seasons through the year. Find out about composting worms and insects in our garden. Why do plants have flowers? What can we recycle, reduce and reuse in the garden? How do we use compost? How do ants help in the garden? What garden tools do we use? How are garden outdoor spaces designed for their purpose? What type of soil best supports healthy plant growth? Kids Can Garden aims to encourage and educate the next generation of gardeners in a simple and fun way.


Gardening is more than just how to get plants growing. Kids can garden also explore plant science, maths, and literacy with simple fun activities. What do plants need to grow? How are triangles used in the garden? How do you measure? How to calculate the volume for garden materials? There are several crossword puzzles to complete and numerous word lists to research and unscramble.

So grab this amazing book to find out how every kid can garden and every garden is a classroom

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