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Enjoying the Nature

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Outdoor inspired small group program.

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The inspired journey

Real life learning for the real world



Social Skills



Unleash the power of Mentoring kids ..…to AWESOME!

I trust you have landed here …. not by accident.


I understand the importance of seeking various ways and programs to be supportive and encouraging to the kids under our care. We can never underestimate the importance of being available, present, and engaged with kids, particularly as they go through challenging life transitions. This may include dealing with stressful changes at home or dealing with social interactions at school or even various degrees of bulling/ harassment, loneliness, grief and loss.


Close, healthy, supportive relationships between us, the mentors and the kids under our care that last for more than 6 months are centered on positive changes. This shows regular and consistent contact, connection between the personalities, interest, and expectations.


As a mentor, the potential benefits we can unleash are powerful and can go beyond just social-emotional development.

Put your Kids first and lead the way………..

Outdoor inspired small group program


Social and Emotional support

Encourage, engage as they discover more of the outside world around them and together lead them to develop awareness, responsibility, flexibility,  perseverance and team work.


Mentoring and Role modelling

Facilitate, guide your group through the activities as the garden becomes the classroom. Journaling and reflection at the end of each topic allow you to monitor their progress.


Pastoral Care Support

Outdoor learning groups creates a framework for kids feeling they belong, connected to a purpose, involved in the garden community and able to perform to their full potential. Happy kids will integrate well with others and any problems will be spotted, allowing you to provide the support required.


Educational Support 

Outdoor learning in the garden supports science, math's and literacy learnt in the classroom by providing practical applications in the real world through activities and projects.


Community Engagement 

Creating a community garden will require sustainable relationships with the broader community.

·       Obtain supplies and resources

·      Assistance from parents, guardians or volunteers

·      Setting up a grower’s market

·      Support or sponsorship from local businesses

Plant Kingdom
Is in this world but not of this world !

Winter Workbook
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Spring Workbook
Summer Workbook
Autumn Workbook

How the program is structed


Workbooks includes Spring, Summer, Autumn/Fall and Winter seasons, and packed with lessons and activities suitable for each season.


Every garden a classroom. Outdoor learning provides endless opportunities for kids to learn in the real world. Also provides wide range of academic, health and wellbeing benefits increased feelings of happiness, as well as improved memory, focus and creativity!

pre directed

 Suitable for  facilitators with no gardening knowledge. Kids with different experience levels can be guided by a leader and will enjoy the engaging activities.


Lessons learned in the garden are about growing as people, learning responsibility, flexibility, perseverance, gaining problem-solving skills, and learning to looking at the world differently.


At the end of each lesson kids are required to reflection on what, why they learnt and how to use this knowledge. This also provide opportunity to evaluate their level of engagement monitor their well being.

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Kids Reading Outdoor

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Mentoring program

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