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Summer Workbook : Journey of growth 

Encourage, Educate, Engage your young learners in REAL life learning during the months of Summer.

Outdoors parks and gardens also function as living labs, outdoor classrooms, areas to put knowledge and skills into practice.

Most important, lessons learnt in the Garden are about growing as people: learning responsibility, flexibility, perseverance; gaining problem-solving skills, and looking at the world in a different way.

This 90 page resource is designed to allow young learners to gain knowledge and develop skills through over 20 activities set around challenges and problems they face in the real world.

The summer workbook includes a Lesson outline, Teacher background information, Lesson instructions, a list of what you will need, fun Summer activities, answer sheets and lesson self assessments.

Recommended for Ages 7-12+ Classroom, Home Schooling, Garden Club. Suitable for both North and South Hemispheres.

Lesson titles:

  • Summer Time - a season of growing and blooming

  • Ants Alive - anatomy, habits and habitation

  • Insects in the garden - anatomy, lifecycles, habits and habitation

  • Plant parts we eat - plant parts and their functions

  • Regrow plants - propagation methods and activities

  • The Sunshade and US - environmental analysis, importance and effect

  • Summer Vocabulary

So grab this amazing book to find out how every kid can garden and every garden is a classroom

Your young learners  will enjoy the journey of growth!

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